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New name, same expertise: DBB Jack-Up Services becomes ZITON

by | Jun 24, 2016

We are delighted to announce ZITON A/S as our new company name, as of today. The change signals our increased focus on specialist expertise within offshore wind turbine maintenance.

CEO Thorsten Jalk comments about the name change:

“As the offshore wind energy market continues to develop rapidly, specialist companies such as ours need to adapt with it. Our new name signals our continued dedication towards providing specialised services within operating and maintaining offshore wind turbines.”

The new name also marks ZITON’s independence from the DBB group, based in Aarhus, Denmark.

Thorsten Jalk says:

“Operations and maintenance practices are becoming increasingly advanced, which means greater focus is needed. The ownership group decided therefore that the company would be more effective as a fully independent entity. Removing ‘Jack-up Services’ from the company name marks our readiness to further expand our scope of services. We are growing with our customers and their requirements for wider services and ZITON provides us with the right framework.”

ZITON currently owns three vessels, J/U WIND, J/U WIND PIONEER and J/U WIND SERVER. To support the new name, a new identity has been developed, led by the creation of a new chimney mark that communicates the company’s uniqueness, strength and focus.

The brand identity bears close resemblance to the current brand, however, as its essence still accurately reflects ZITON’s value proposition and how business is conducted.

Thorsten Jalk explains the meaning behind the name, ZITON:

“ZITON is a name of strength, focus and diligence. It is a name that drives the company’s brand essence. Quite simply, ZITON means Can do. Will do. At the same time, our business is about being onsite, close to our customers. That’s why we pronounce the name as ZITE – ON.”

ZITON. Can do. Will do.