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Vattenfall and ZITON sign framework agreement

by | Nov 22, 2016

With a three-year framework agreement ZITON will become main partner to provide jack-up vessels for major component replacement at Vattenfall’s offshore wind farms. Both companies agree that this is an important step in the right direction for a more efficient and cost reducing offshore wind market.

To both Vattenfall and ZITON the key to offshore success is efficiency and cost reductions.
Working exclusively within offshore wind and being specialised and dedicated to operations and maintenance, ZITON is a conscious and easy choice as partner, says Vattenfall.

“We believe that signing a three-year contract for a major part of our wind farms with a preferred partner like ZITON will enable us to develop
a long-term cooperation. That leads to a lean and industrialised work processes where we can reuse and refine our learnings cross sites. This will make Vattenfall an even better and more efficient operator,” says Magnus Jansson, Project Manager at Vattenfall Wind Power.

Lowering the costs of operations of wind farms
O&M plays a vital role in the offshore wind industry and the partnership between the two companies is both cost reducing and work efficient, says ZITON CEO Thorsten Jalk:

“We have many years’ experience in all aspects of O&M planning and execution. Being dedicated to O&M, we have optimised the use of our jack-up vessels, and combined with this framework agreement, ZITON will be able to contribute to lowering the costs of operating offshore wind farms.”

As a leading energy provider, the lowering of cost is a significant focus point for Vattenfall, Magnus Jansson explains:

“With this new framework agreement, we will secure that we can maintain and operate our turbines at the lowest possible cost and continue to deliver renewable energy at a competitive price.”