One of the fleet's largest vessels

WIND ENTERPRISE and her sister vessel, WIND ENERGY, are the largest vessels in ZITON’s fleet, capable of servicing turbines up to 10 MW. The vessel was chartered in 2019 and purchased in 2021, and is currently working on a long-term time charter. WIND ENTERPRISE is equipped with an 800 tonnes crane and capable of working in water depths of up to 48 meters.

General information
Dimensions Length, overall: 100.0 m - Width, overall: 40.0 m - Hull 8.0 m
Pre-drive capacity 6,750 t/leg
Elevating speed 0.7 m/min
Transit speed Approx. 6 kn
Accommodation 28 single cabins for charterer and 20 single cabins for crew
Cargo capacity
Payload 4,500 t
Main deck area Approx. 2,850 m²
Main crane
Type Liebherr BOS 35000
Boom length 102.0 m
Lifting capacity 800 t at 25 m radius at 116 m height above deck
Operating conditions
Service Unrestricted (as per DNV rules)
Endurance 21 days
Jacking operations Wave: 2.0 m - Wind: 15.0 m/s - Tidal: 1.2 kn - Depth: 48.0 m