Low carbon footprint

WIND PIONEER was bought in 2012 by ZITON and rebuilt at Orskov Yard in Denmark. The vessel is very well-suited for major component replacements on smaller turbines, while it also provides one of the industry’s lowest carbon-footprints. WIND PIONEER is equipped with a 150 tonnes crane and capable of working in water depths of up to 34 meters.

General information
Dimensions Length, overall: 56.0 m - Width, overall: 28.0 m - Hull 4.5 m
Pre-drive capacity 1,200 t/leg
Elevating speed 0.5 m/min
Transit speed Approx. 5 kn (towed)
Accommodation 22 single cabins for charterer and 12 single cabins for crew
Cargo capacity
Payload 650 t
Main deck area Approx. 530 m²
Main crane
Type Liebherr BOS 7500
Boom length 78.0 m
Lifting capacity 150 t at 19 m radius at 78 m height above deck
Operating conditions
Service R2 (as per DNV rules)
Endurance 30 days
Jacking operations Wave: 1.4 m - Wind: 14.0 m/s - Tidal: 2.5 kn - Depth: 34.0 m