Meet Brian Hemmingsen

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What is your role and how long have you worked for ZITON?

I am a Master (at WIND ENERGY) and have been employed since 2007, starting as Chief Officer on WIND, and shortly thereafter I was appointed as Master. After WIND and a period in the office, and with encouragement and assistance from the company and a promise to work on our new vessel at the time, WIND SERVER, I started at the Master course at Marstal Navigation School. After four years on WIND SERVER, I spent two years on WIND PIONEER before coming to WIND ENTERPRISE. For the past year, I have been a “fill-in” Master, covering for sickness or other unplanned absences (now at WIND ENERGY). I have been on all four vessels as Master and know all the vessels well and can cover in all situations that may arise.

What does it take for you to function best in your work?

It is obviously a big plus to have a partner who can accept being part of a seafaring life. Orderly conditions onboard, and the company making an effort to get the crew home on time, which works very well here at ZITON. Good cooperation with the office is important.

What is the most challenging part of your job for you?

The type of charter we have means that there are often new projects and new relationships with clients, meeting deadlines, and getting the interaction between the different cultures onboard to work.

What motivates you to go to work every day?

It is always exciting to come back and see colleagues and see how far we have come in the project and what needs to happen now and in the near future.

What is the coolest case you have worked on and why?

A few years ago we did a decommissioning at Utgrunden in Sweden with WIND PIONEER. It was a break from the otherwise usual routines of repairing the wind turbines. In addition, I was involved in finishing of WIND SERVER in Rostock and Vismar and being part of the handover of our newbuild.

How has your workplace helped develop you as a person?

In the almost 16 years I have been employed at ZITON, the company has managed to give me a sense of being part of something bigger. I have been allowed to be part of the company both at sea and on land. It has all helped to give me ballast in my current job. The management in Operations and HR have always been good at keeping me updated with relevant information.

Why is this your dream workplace?

The colleagues and management on land are no further away than the phone, if needed. Good orderly conditions on board, a good tone to both the crew and clients. There is control over disembarkation and embarkation, which happens on time 99% of the time. There is a good relationship with colleagues and management in the office, varied tasks that range from maintenance and repair of turbines to even decommissioning of metmasts and wind farms. It has been a good experience to be part of the 16-year journey from WIND, WIND PIONEER, WIND SERVER, and WIND ENTERPRISE. It is good to experience a “Can do. Will do.” attitude towards everything we work on.

What do you like to do in your free time?

A large part of my time is spent with my family, two children, house, car, and motorcycle take up most of the time, but there is also time to take care of friends and acquaintances.