Meet Thomas Svoboda

Afspil video

Chief Engineer at WIND ENTERPRISE

What is your job, and how long have you been sailing?

My name is Thomas Svoboda.

I am a Chief Engineer at WIND ENTERPRISE, and I started my career at sea back in 1986.

As a Chief Engineer, I am responsible for the engineering onboard the vessel.

Some of the daily tasks are to keep track of the consumption for the customer.

The customer has chartered the ship for three to four years, and they want to see what they pay for everyday.

Another task is to make sure that all safety rules are met. For example, when we repair our FRC boat, we conduct tests, to make sure that everything works 100%.

What motivates you to go to work every day?

I must always have the sea close to me.

There is something that captures your soul.

About ten years ago, I thought something new was going to happen and tried to go ashore.

I was on land for one and a half years and had to give in at last.

Once you have tried being at sea, there is something that draws you back. So I had to go back.