Meet Morten Lück

WTG technician at ZITON Contractors

What is your job, and how long have you worked for ZITON?

I am a technician and I help change major components in wind turbines. My daily work primarily takes place at sea, where I work for one month and then have one month off. However, I also have the flexibility to work on land and help out in the warehouse. I have worked for ZITON since 2017, and I am very happy with my job.

What does it take to perform at your best in your job?

Personally, you need to have a stable home life. It is important that your family is prepared for the different lifestyle and supports it. For example, I have a daughter, and it can be difficult to be away from her. But with full support from my family, it all becomes a little easier. From a company perspective, I think it is important to have proper documentation in place so that one feels secure. Additionally, having the right equipment is essential for doing your job to the best of your abilities.

What is the most challenging part of the job for you?

Currently, it is fitting my job with my daughter’s schedule. It is like a puzzle, but life at sea has its pull, and you are willing to make it work. However, I am home for a full month after my work stint, so I can be there 100%. Also, I am not 25 years old anymore, so there is a certain amount of energy and strength difference. I can feel the difference, but it is good to have good colleagues who can help each other out. We are very good at that, so everyone can contribute with their strengths.

What motivates you to go to work every day?

I find it exciting to learn new things because that is what I find most challenging. Therefore, I develop myself a lot in these situations. I am used to working in wind turbines, but not as large as the ones that ZITON handles, so every day offers new and exciting experiences.

What do you think is the most remarkable or exciting case you have worked on? And why?

When I recently helped change a gearbox on a Siemens turbine. It was something I had not tried before, with the turbine and the task, but everything went better than expected. There was very professional and useful documentation for the specific task, which made it safe to perform the job. It was enjoyable to have some paperwork that could actually be used in practice. Additionally, there was excellent teamwork among my colleagues, and they were great at guiding me. Therefore, it was not a problem that I had to dismantle something that I had not tried before because everything was coordinated very well.

How has your work developed you as a person?

There is no doubt that this is the first job I have been this happy with, even though I drive for an hour and twenty minutes every day when I go to the warehouse. So, I am happy every day I go to work, which was not necessarily the case before.

Why is this your dream job?

It is a flexible job where you can help shape your own tasks and workday. For example, as I mentioned earlier, I work at times in the warehouse. It is nice that something different can happen while also meeting the demands of being a father. There is mutual interest, no pressure, and a lot of support. When I got divorced, I received huge support from management, who helped me move forward. They have my utmost respect. I can talk to Thorsten (CEO at ZITON, red.) as if he were any other colleague and not the top boss.

What do you like to spend your free time doing?

I have a house and garden that I take care of myself.