Thomas Rasmussen

My job as Head of Contractors is to handle everything related to working on the wind turbine, including technicians, documentation, and equipment. I lead and distribute tasks that need to be taken care of to ensure we are 100% compliant and ready to provide the service we are hired for in the best possible way.

I have been working at ZITON since 2021. I started as a project manager, and about a year later, I got the role as Head of Contractors.

Julius Jakobsen

I have been working as an HSEQ Officer since December 2022, and I have previously worked on board ZITON vessels as Chief Officer for about four years. The office is a busy environment, meant in a positive way. I do my best to focus on thorough and clear communication and work on making onboard work life as safe as possible. In this regard, it helps previously having sailed onboard our vessels.

Morten Lück

I am a technician and I help change major components in wind turbines. My daily work primarily takes place at sea, where I work for one month and then have one month off. However, I also have the flexibility to work on land and help out in the warehouse. I have worked for ZITON since 2017, and I am very happy with my job.

Lars Østergaard

I am a Master at WIND ENTERPRISE. I have sailed since 1988. I have the overall responsibility for the ship and operation.

Krists Versels

I have been working for ZITON since 2018. During my first year, I worked as a heavy lift technician. Then, I worked as a site supervisor, and currently, I am working as a WTG Document Controller. In my current role, I update, create, and manage WTG-related documents and procedures.

Martin Blomgren-Nielsen

I am an Operations Manager at ZITON and have been employed in the office since 2021. I previously sailed as a First Officer on the company’s own jack-ups. As Operations Manager, I have daily contact with the customer and the ship’s crew before, during, and after each project. I prepare project-specific documentation and various CAD drawings according to requirements and wishes from the customer. During the preparation and execution of each project, I work closely with the customer and the ship’s crew to ensure that the ship operates up to the customer’s expectations. My primary task is to solve the planning and operational problems that the customer and the ship’s crew are constantly facing.

Jesper Nielsen

I have been working as a Crane Operator at ZITON since the summer of 2016. The company’s trust in you as an employee and individual has given us more opportunities and developed me as a crane operator.

Allan Krogh

I work as a Chief Steward at WIND SERVER and am responsible for the daily operations of the kitchen and hotel, and have been employed by ZITON since 2015.

Thilde Engholm Hedegaard

I am a First Engineer, and have been employed at ZITON since September 2021. My drive lies in breakdowns or sudden problems that need to be solved here and now. Therefore, I do not have a specific thing in mind, but the times when we have challenges to solve, that the resources are there, and that it is always possible to solve the task regardless of the challenges, so that we can move forward in the project.

Brian Hemmingsen

I am a Master and have been employed since 2007, starting as Chief Officer on WIND, and shortly thereafter I was appointed as Master. After WIND and a period in the office, and with encouragement and assistance from the company and a promise to work on our new vessel at the time, WIND SERVER, I started at the Master course at Marstal Navigation School. After four years on WIND SSERVER, I spent two years on WIND PIONEER before coming to WIND ENTERPRISE. For the past year, I have been a “fill-in” Master, covering for sickness or other unplanned absences. I have been on all four vessels as Master and know all the vessels well and can cover in all situations that may arise.

Thomas Svoboda

I am a Chief Engineer at WIND ENTERPRISE, and I started my career at sea back in 1986. As a Chief Engineer, I am responsible for the engineering onboard the vessel.